I have been training.

Honest I have.

I just seems that when I’ve been home the last few swings  at home it’s been either Christmas/New years or Australia Day or the night I had out with the M.R.S at C’est Bon or the other night we had multiple friends over and drank copious bottles of great NZ and South African wines.

I blame it the recipe book (my brother gave me for Christmas), I’m an amateur cook BTW, and Dan Murphy’s (our local booze museum).

I’ll tabulate what it is I’m trying to do Crossfit/weightlifting wise… at a later date. Hopefully before the end of January, as I’m trying to calculate my efforts month by month this year.


Garage days.


This one left me stuffed. I only managed to get two rounds out with three seconds to go on the clock. I remember now my coaches saying that you can’t expect something that you haven’t put the effort into getting. This attempt left me realizing what they meant. Another learning moment for me.


One foot in front of the other as the saying goes.



The main components to the acid test, right there.