Caval Ridge.

I finally got out of the class room and onto the tools today. After three days of being induced by Bechtel, Thiess and whoever else was lined up to have their way with us, me and all the other newbies got our chance to see the light of day and go and cut up some cable tray.

After a brief tour of the site with one of the supervisors (including repeated reminders not to operate any machinery or just plain fuck up) , we were turned loose on the water pumps near the thickener tanks onsite.

It’s all stainless and aluminum here.

This gig should only last till December, I reckon I’ll enjoy it.

Garage days.


This one left me stuffed. I only managed to get two rounds out with three seconds to go on the clock. I remember now my coaches saying that you can’t expect something that you haven’t put the effort into getting. This attempt left me realizing what they meant. Another learning moment for me.


One foot in front of the other as the saying goes.



The main components to the acid test, right there.

New job. More paperwork. More paperwork and more…paperwork.

Got the nod, courtesy of a mate, about an opportunity to get on board with the final stages of the construction phase of BMA’s Caval Ridge  coal project down in the Bowen basin the other week.
It’s been a busy couple of weeks going through all the medicals and inductions.
All of these were being completed down in Townsville as it’s the point of hire for this job for us northerners. All things went along okay except for the D and A test at the physical. It seems the pre workout supplements can show up in a test. Goddammit. Now I’ve gotta wait for a confirmation of a false positive, delays, delays.

Observations of the aftermath.

So the federal election has happened. It’s panned out somewhat as was predicted with the LNP cleaning up. No mean feat considering the performance of the other side. One thing that’s has baffled me is the way Clive’s posse has got up in the polls. Wonders never cease.

Ol Bob K up at the Isa got a shake out. That should teach him a thing or two about lying down with the proverbial. And as for the outgoing PM’s exit speech…if you can call it that, all 22 minutes of it, left little to the imagination. Some people just fail to grasp what  is happening around them. Good riddance is all I’ll add to that. Something I believe a lot of his own “comrades” are thinking too no doubt.

The Facebook crowd were awful silent during the episode but returned the next day with the same condescending mumbling and groaning one could observe on my feed. Again, I can’t see how they think it was going too play out in their favor. Sore losers the lot of them.

Hopefully the ALP will pull their collective heads in and learn a thing or two but listening to the comments made by the survivors I’m doubtful. They seem awful keen to put forward that it was the internal screwing around in the party that put people off the idea of supporting them and not what they got up too while they were in office. Again, there’s that lack of respect for the populace, the people who make this country work.

What goes around, sometimes does come back to leave its mark.

More to follow.