Winter time=Business time.

Talking to my bro today.

He’s currently two thirds through the offspring’s birthday celebrations at the moment.

They have three of them.

I didn’t realise this but apparently they’re all a week apart with their respective birthdays.

Apparently winter was a good time for “business time” as a famed pair of Kiwis sang/white fella rapped about some time ago.

I suppose living in a location that corresponds with “normal” seasonal transitions helps as well.

Not like the most of northern Australia. Which is either wet or dry.


Back once again,

To my version of civilisation.

To be quite honest, I was surprised at how happy I was to see the east coast of Australia, on the flight back from Weipa.

It wasn’t the usual FIFO “going home” feel that one may have experience when returning home

Now, I’ve gotta coallate my thoughts on the last two weeks and go meet with my temporary employer and let them know why I’ve withdrawn from the project they assigned me too.

This’ll include a reference or three to the relevant Acts of Parliment (relating to my trade and OH&S) plus a healthy dose of my own experience from my professional background.

Let’s hope it’s constructive.

The weekend just gone.

Due to my recent redundancy, from there project work I usually perform as a tradesman, I had the opportunity to visit Brisbane and be a part of the only unhindered screening of Cassie Jaye’s Red Pill documentary in Australia so far.

For all of you that haven’t had the opportunity to view this one, I’m going to offer my unqualified recommendation.

It is thought provoking, revealing of both sides of the debate, as much as the selected groups had their edited opportunity to speak and in my opinion it offers an opening, with our common cultures, into this scene that the average punter may not not usually get to find.

I would like to view the documentary a couple of times over in order to offer a more thorough review but as this is something that is happening all over the world at the moment, I think we can hold off for a wee while and get back to it at a later date.

That said, I believe that would be a worth while analysis even if it is after the fact.

I’m going to wait until I have the the chance to see this effort again before discerning its influence and defining and critiquing its arguments until a later date but I’ll leave with offering my sentiments about this film.

If you have the chance to view this movie, do it.

If there are protests around the viewing of this film, where you have the opportunity to see it, brave that snot and go along and get amongst it, the opposition will only make it more worthwhile.

The Q&A session we were offered after the viewing, with Tom Golden and Paul Elam added another dimension to the discussion and rounded out the effort of the group, Men’s Rights Brisbane, who organised this effort successfully and it served its purpose well.

This Q&A session is available here.

It’s late here and I would like to add more but for the time being I think this enough. The effort that Cassie has put into this film and her supporters will go on to develop the cultural situation between the genders and offer all of us the basis to develop our position a better grounding of our understanding of this factor in our civilisation.

Bar Cordon Noir.

Sometimes life can suck. Then sometimes you find a little spot of paradise that’ll make the hard yards worthwhile.

My job has me away from my home in FNQ a lot but as a consolation, I do earn the ability to get away and travel to places like Japan.

Recently we took advantage of the cheap pricing on flights to Osaka that leave Cairns and while we were there we ventured up to Kyoto.

It was there I happened upon a bar by the name of Cordon Noir. A small joint. Well appointed and somewhat upper class without the snobbery also containing a wall full of Japanese whisky plus the others.

Along the bar was also a smallish desktop humidor.

Great service, good drinks, well kept cigars and jazz playing in the background.

Paradise indeed.

I don’t remember all of the drinks I had that night but the whole experience was on the money. If this sort of thing is what your into and you’re over that way, pay them a visit, you’ll be quietly pleased.

The Japanese know how to make a single malt.

the Cohiba Robusto.

Montecristo No2 FTW!

Goals are for losers.

I’m reading a book by Scott Adams (author of the comic strip Dilbert) called How to fail at everything and still win big.

He has a take on succeeding that makes sense to me. In chapter 6, Goals vs Systems, he details how people who are goal orientated often fail due to the fact that once they reach their goal, their mission is over. And also, that  repeated failures to reach a goal, which as he details in his experience, being a fairly constant factor in our economy, leaves that person in a perpetual state of failure. That state wears at people and often causes them to drop out of the game.

People, who are systems oriented, base their success on what they do on a regular basis and modify that activity to steer themselves in the direction they want. And by refining that system by applying the lessons learned along the way, earn their success.

In the world of dieting, losing twenty pounds is a goal, but eating right is a system.

A spectacular system beats passion, every time.

Sealing the deal

Over the New years period, the M.R.S and I managed to arrange a get away to the Land of the Long White Cloud. We eventually ventured our way around the South Island down the west coast to Queenstown where we stopped for a couple of nights. I loved the the location and it’s surrounds, there’s a lot to do there as you’ll know if you’ve  heard of the place. We didn’t sample most of the tourist aspects there are to enjoy but we did manage to eat out at a couple of the cafe/restaurants there.

One thing I find myself doing is critiquing the conduct of the service at the locations I’m at, simply as a pastime, while drinking and eating. And one thing you bound to notice is bad service or poor customer capture.

The old “ya fuck one goat” rule of thumb.

One of the bars we hauled up at, while waiting for our table, allowed for the observance of a failure (as I see it) of the service personnel to maintain the interest of potential custom. And as someone, who one day would like to get away from my current vocation, I find these opportunities interesting to analyse.

Now there’s probably a unit in a management degree that covers this topic but all the same it was interesting to watch people who make a living this way watch potential income literally walk in and walk out due what seemed like a simple lack of drive on the part of the employees of this location.

I’m inclined to think if the owner of this business was there they’d be (hopefully) asking the same questions, as the place wasn’t that bad at all.

The phrase-unique product/service proposition-comes to mind. Also ensuring your employees understand and are willing to engage clients and customers in a manner to persuade them to accept your offer being an essential part of the method of operation.

Simple stuff I know but it was interesting to watch.