Ol mate…

Waits outside the bedroom door, for its keeper to awaken, open the door and talk at it like the human it ain’t.

As much as I hate cats, I’ll have to acknowledge their ability to be companion animals.

And shit in a box.

And keep the minor vermin down.

That’s their only value IMO.

I’d still prefer a good quality hunting dog any day but due to the fact I made the idiotic decision to purchase an apartment, keeping a hound ain’t an honourable choice. I’ll have to buy some land sometime soon and a decent hunting dog.

A good dog needs space to get about.

I miss having a dog, I find they’re a more genuine pet to have about. They’re more honest.

Cats beware then, I say.

And as for this little prat, the way he attacks his mate is always a source of entertainment. He’s a mean little fecker, for his own fun, which is funny to watch but they’re cruel in their own way too, in all honesty.

Just watch them with a native lizard or anything else they manage to capture. They’re an example of the wild instinct not tamed by domestication.

Fkn cats. They’re pieces of shit.