1000 Dollar Day.

Tonight was the Monday session with the Barbell WOD. Trained Hang Snatch, Jerks and Back Squats.

Hang Snatch 4 x 2 @45kgs.

Jerks 4 X 1 @60kgs.

Back Squat, worked up to 108 kgs and then an AMRAP at 90% . I got seven reps out of that.

I also won a grand at work in the current campaign by Bechtel to encourage its employees to show up and perform safely in their tasking.

Ya gotta be lucky some times.

Garage days.


This one left me stuffed. I only managed to get two rounds out with three seconds to go on the clock. I remember now my coaches saying that you can’t expect something that you haven’t put the effort into getting. This attempt left me realizing what they meant. Another learning moment for me.


One foot in front of the other as the saying goes.



The main components to the acid test, right there.

One more round to go.

One of the lesser aspects of doing the FIFO thing for a job is it will distract you from focusing on the other parts of life. This is something I become aware of when I hit the WOD part of a workout every time I’m home from work.
It kind of surprises me the facilities a mining company can establish they have, all bar one site have worked at, failed to get onboard with the Crossfit scene.