As for me, I’m an Australian, currently based in north Queensland, where I have lived all my life so far. As the line below the title suggests my pastimes include interests in my attempts to progress as a Crossfit athlete (if I can claim that), firearms of all types and the subject pertaining to thereof.

I’m also a bit of a amatuer cigar and drink fan. I’ll get back to you all on that one in the blog.

On a more serious note, I have, as an Australian an interest in the goings on in the country I reside in, so I’ll include my take on topics that I feel are important.

So to conclude,

This one’s going to be a collection of the things that have got my attention and my thoughts on them. I’d ask of you, to think of it as an online diary of my musings etc, an attempt to record and develop my knowledge and sound out the finer points on subject matter that interests me.


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