That google blackhole.

Is it just me or does the internet form into a black hole of uselessness when you’re looking for information for an assignment or study purposes.

I’ve got two courses happening at the moment. There’s a Certificate III in Instrumentation and Control and the introductory accounting course, that is a part of the business diploma I’m working on at the moment.

The accounting stuff ain’t to bad when it comes to online research as they outline a lot of the resources you need to reference.  It’s only a few points here with that and there (with this course) I’m reminded of the issue I’m having a bitch about tonight.

The Cert 3 really is the one that’s really brought this aspect of online learning to my attention. There’s the usual supply of reading material that’s given to you and then there’s the other stuff, which you’re expected to look up online.

And this is where you can waste hours if you have the patience.

There’s a downside to letting anyone post whatever ideas they want on the internet. And having a search  engine that works off looking for key words doing it’s thing, well that leads to a lot of pages of nothing as I’ve found out recently.

I now know there’s a lot of guys from India that are process engineers, that like to post quite extensive Powerpoint presentations about the subject online.

Sorta helpful but not really.

I’ve found this leads to a massive amount of time spent looking into pages and sites that may have some form of reliable data on the subject you’re looking to learn from. Which is fuggen infuriating, when you’ve got a job and thus limited time to spend doing your homework.

IMO. That’s a business improvement opportunity right there. Don’t waste your clients money and time by lacking a focus on what it is you’re wanting them to learn. When you’re designing an online course, be concise about the reference sources you want your students to using in the study. It’ll benefit them and leave them recommending your services to other like-minded people in the target segment of the market.



Author: CJP

I'm a Northerner, In the FNQ. I grew up in the Gulf of Carpentaria hunting and fishing the flat country there. My blog is my thoughts and writings about my life as I interpret it, all my stuff unless otherwise stated.

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