Thoughts on the Melbourne massacre.

Recently we’ve had another tragedy unfold in our nation.

Details are definitively unknown at the moment but with the loss of lives the impact isn’t so undefined.

I’m sure they’ll be a lot of speculation as to the causes but from what we now have heard about the perpetrator we again see a familiar pattern of known behaviour leading up to the culmination we’ve witnessed on our T.V screens.

It’s at times like this I’m instantly reminded about the references to persons committing these crimes, that I hear within the MRA and firearms owning community about these people not being dealt with in an appropriate manner.

This country doesn’t deal with these people in effective manner it seems and continues to focus on either the tangential factors in their lives or take an ideological point of view on the causes. Neither approach is delivering the required results.

That re-enforces the need once again to realign our methods of dealing with these cases in order to sustain a more effective means of securing public safety. 

The old paradigms (regarding our current methods of dealing with these issues) of which I am only vaguely aware off need to be challenged, their weaknesses analysed and addressed.

This effort (if we manage to understand it’s need) will be another brick in the wall of what we call our civilisation. It’s a long, hard fought process but it’s up to all of us to ensure that wall is a strong one.

Author: CJP

I'm a Northerner, In the FNQ. I grew up in the Gulf of Carpentaria hunting and fishing the flat country there. My blog is my thoughts and writings about my life as I interpret it, all my stuff unless otherwise stated.

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