The useful idiot.

This guy, being only 20 at the moment will not surprise me at all, if when he’s in his forties, be a major spokesperson against the ideals he currently expresses. 
I’ve seen this kind of thing evolve, in my meagre 36 years, in people a lot older and learned than me and I always find them a great source of introspection on the issues they found concerning as the young idiots they used to be and their ability to contrast their previous naivety with other’s poorly founded understanding of contemporary issues.
These destructive factions within our society, provide us the function of the useful idiot and with these young idealistic sorts, as they continue to offer a value to our future, in the same way I’ve referenced the in the general example I’ve given above.

It’s a subjective example but I think we’ve all seen this sort of thing in our observations on the goings on in the lives we lead.

And I’m in no way excluding myself here. The only reason I’ve made this post is I can see my own ignorance, if even on a lesser basis than the young chap on display in the story linked below but all the same. Stupid is as stupid does but I honestly think he’ll change his views over time as we all do and this’ll be of a great value to our community.

We all have regrets along our timelines, the stupid choices we’ve made and the results that come from those decisions. Some more than others but you make your choices and build on that the best you can.

In other associated news, it’s good to see the Australian Greens Party chewing own their own faces. The sooner this part of our polity is laid bare and dealt with via the democratic process the better.

More elections and sooner please.

Ol mate…

Waits outside the bedroom door, for its keeper to awaken, open the door and talk at it like the human it ain’t.

As much as I hate cats, I’ll have to acknowledge their ability to be companion animals.

And shit in a box.

And keep the minor vermin down.

That’s their only value IMO.

I’d still prefer a good quality hunting dog any day but due to the fact I made the idiotic decision to purchase an apartment, keeping a hound ain’t an honourable choice. I’ll have to buy some land sometime soon and a decent hunting dog.

A good dog needs space to get about.

I miss having a dog, I find they’re a more genuine pet to have about. They’re more honest.

Cats beware then, I say.

And as for this little prat, the way he attacks his mate is always a source of entertainment. He’s a mean little fecker, for his own fun, which is funny to watch but they’re cruel in their own way too, in all honesty.

Just watch them with a native lizard or anything else they manage to capture. They’re an example of the wild instinct not tamed by domestication.

Fkn cats. They’re pieces of shit.

Thoughts on the Melbourne massacre.

Recently we’ve had another tragedy unfold in our nation.

Details are definitively unknown at the moment but with the loss of lives the impact isn’t so undefined.

I’m sure they’ll be a lot of speculation as to the causes but from what we now have heard about the perpetrator we again see a familiar pattern of known behaviour leading up to the culmination we’ve witnessed on our T.V screens.

It’s at times like this I’m instantly reminded about the references to persons committing these crimes, that I hear within the MRA and firearms owning community about these people not being dealt with in an appropriate manner.

This country doesn’t deal with these people in effective manner it seems and continues to focus on either the tangential factors in their lives or take an ideological point of view on the causes. Neither approach is delivering the required results.

That re-enforces the need once again to realign our methods of dealing with these cases in order to sustain a more effective means of securing public safety. 

The old paradigms (regarding our current methods of dealing with these issues) of which I am only vaguely aware off need to be challenged, their weaknesses analysed and addressed.

This effort (if we manage to understand it’s need) will be another brick in the wall of what we call our civilisation. It’s a long, hard fought process but it’s up to all of us to ensure that wall is a strong one.

The weekend just gone.

Due to my recent redundancy, from there project work I usually perform as a tradesman, I had the opportunity to visit Brisbane and be a part of the only unhindered screening of Cassie Jaye’s Red Pill documentary in Australia so far.

For all of you that haven’t had the opportunity to view this one, I’m going to offer my unqualified recommendation.

It is thought provoking, revealing of both sides of the debate, as much as the selected groups had their edited opportunity to speak and in my opinion it offers an opening, with our common cultures, into this scene that the average punter may not not usually get to find.

I would like to view the documentary a couple of times over in order to offer a more thorough review but as this is something that is happening all over the world at the moment, I think we can hold off for a wee while and get back to it at a later date.

That said, I believe that would be a worth while analysis even if it is after the fact.

I’m going to wait until I have the the chance to see this effort again before discerning its influence and defining and critiquing its arguments until a later date but I’ll leave with offering my sentiments about this film.

If you have the chance to view this movie, do it.

If there are protests around the viewing of this film, where you have the opportunity to see it, brave that snot and go along and get amongst it, the opposition will only make it more worthwhile.

The Q&A session we were offered after the viewing, with Tom Golden and Paul Elam added another dimension to the discussion and rounded out the effort of the group, Men’s Rights Brisbane, who organised this effort successfully and it served its purpose well.

This Q&A session is available here.

It’s late here and I would like to add more but for the time being I think this enough. The effort that Cassie has put into this film and her supporters will go on to develop the cultural situation between the genders and offer all of us the basis to develop our position a better grounding of our understanding of this factor in our civilisation.

Dave and the pension concern trolls.

This one seems to be a little hard for some to get their head around but Ol Dave does his best…

Points of note,
For all the meme reposters et al-the aged pension has NEVER been a LEGAL entitlement in Australia for all taxpayers. Since 1909 it’s been means tested but all the same, go ahead and elect politicians that support that view if that’s what you want but please consider the cost. It could be a good one but it’s your democratic right. Although I’m not keen as a taxpayer, for funding a million dollar asset owner pensioners.
And also consider the fact that all these sorts that believe they’re entitled to a pension have voted for a political scene that has pissed away all their taxpayer deposits and now believe magically that the money will reappear from, I don’t know “thafuq” where (probably from foreign borrowing like all the other money we import) that all this finance has to come from somewhere.

Holes and home loans will only go so far and then what?

The whole reaction to what DL is getting at is so asinine that I’m left wondering if we’ve (collectively) read the laws and history of this part of the planet we live on. I’m all for supporting those who have supported this nation we live in but we have to be honest about how we have set ourselves up here and this reaction to what David Leyonhjelm is talking about leaves us looking a little naive.

The answer is, I’d assume from my limited understanding, a strong economy that protects people’s investments in it, not in a government that takes and spends without proper controls.

And also considering as a part of that equation, our propensity to borrow and spend as well as part of the scenario but….there’s that rabbit hole (reference Steve Keen, Minsky, Fischer, debt deflation we’re worried about but won’t actively acknowledge, etc)

We don’t belong to the government (they’re just a collection of fallible humans like the rest of us, not idealistic Gods, which we think should be of a greater standard than all the other humans on this planet-go figure). They are not there to hand feed us. The economy belongs to the people, not the politicians and their associates.

We need to understand that mistakes have been made on all levels and it’s gonna hurt a lot of us to rectify this situation but a big part of this is going to be accepting this factor and getting on with sorting it all out. There’s probably no way out of this without writing off a lot of debt as unrecoverable.

And also private debt to GDP is now around 210%. Have fun with that not so little fuck up.

Get educated. Get angry. Get responsible.