Seafood, South Island style.

While we were over at NZ, the M.R.S wanted to visit a spot she’d discovered when she was here last with the Kiwis we know from the South Island.

A few hours lazy driving north from Christchurch is a small seaside town named Kaikoura. If you hang a left turn at the beach and follow the road you’ll come across a small kiosk setup that’ll sell ya the kind of stuff I have in the the pictures below.

It’s all great stuff to eat and the drive ain’t to bad either as it’s a nice part of the world.

If you want the lobster, you’ll have the choice of what they have stored on ice at the kiosk. It comes pre-cooked, they just give it heat up on the b.b.q .

Watch out for these noisey lil feckers though, they’ll be onto your table quicker than a greens voter would be your taxes, if you let them that is.

Author: CJP

I'm a Northerner, In the FNQ. I grew up in the Gulf of Carpentaria hunting and fishing the flat country there. My blog is my thoughts and writings about my life as I interpret it, all my stuff unless otherwise stated.

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