Instincts. Learn to trust them.

Social media can be fun. I sometimes liken it to wandering through the jungle with a blindfold on.

I often sit after work, and peel through the twitter feed I have happening and as you can, find all sorts of identities and their opinions.

Tonight, I may have discovered, I have been engaging with a troll account.

I won’t yet name this one, as my verdict isn’t fully set in stone but the signs are there. I came across someone calling “him” out for being deceitful about his identity on a thread about the use of non-lethal weapons for personal protection.

This person claims to be the leader of a minor political party in Australia but as the claimant asserted the party in question isn’t registered with the AEC. The twitter account doesn’t even have a website linked to it to allow anyone to reference their policies.

 I also observed that this person said, tonight, that the group’s website was about to go live soon, so I’ll keep a watch on it just to see what comes up.

I’ve also noted how when questioned about his ideas he can be vague and abusive. Which ain’t a good look for a supposed leader of a political group.

A couple of red flags right there.

I’m going to look into the subject and see if the party is registered for myself, tomorrow.

Something smells odd.

Time will tell, I’m gonna have a little fun with this one I reckon.

More to follow.

Author: CJP

I'm a Northerner, In the FNQ. I grew up in the Gulf of Carpentaria hunting and fishing the flat country there. My blog is my thoughts and writings about my life as I interpret it, all my stuff unless otherwise stated.

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