Cubans. The cigars not the people that is. As I’ve never ventured that far although I reckon it’s on the to do list just for the purpose of seeing where these little pieces of magic are made.

I’m not sure of the history of the brand but as it is Cuba has basically maintained the marcas they’ve managed to produce from way back when the cigar industry got going over that way. In its own way, it’s a little part of our heritage, the iconic Cuban cigar and our love of the leaf.

Sealing the deal

Over the New years period, the M.R.S and I managed to arrange a get away to the Land of the Long White Cloud. We eventually ventured our way around the South Island down the west coast to Queenstown where we stopped for a couple of nights. I loved the the location and it’s surrounds, there’s a lot to do there as you’ll know if you’ve  heard of the place. We didn’t sample most of the tourist aspects there are to enjoy but we did manage to eat out at a couple of the cafe/restaurants there.

One thing I find myself doing is critiquing the conduct of the service at the locations I’m at, simply as a pastime, while drinking and eating. And one thing you bound to notice is bad service or poor customer capture.

The old “ya fuck one goat” rule of thumb.

One of the bars we hauled up at, while waiting for our table, allowed for the observance of a failure (as I see it) of the service personnel to maintain the interest of potential custom. And as someone, who one day would like to get away from my current vocation, I find these opportunities interesting to analyse.

Now there’s probably a unit in a management degree that covers this topic but all the same it was interesting to watch people who make a living this way watch potential income literally walk in and walk out due what seemed like a simple lack of drive on the part of the employees of this location.

I’m inclined to think if the owner of this business was there they’d be (hopefully) asking the same questions, as the place wasn’t that bad at all.

The phrase-unique product/service proposition-comes to mind. Also ensuring your employees understand and are willing to engage clients and customers in a manner to persuade them to accept your offer being an essential part of the method of operation.

Simple stuff I know but it was interesting to watch.