Cairns, Manoora, Queensland.

Today was horrific for my home town of Cairns. Something that we haven’t seen in Australia, if I recall correctly, occurred in a suburb next to the one I live in.

According to the media reports, Queensland police received a call out to an address, responding to a report of a member of our community suffering knife wounds. Upon an immediate investigation the scene revealed that there were multiple homicide victims inside the home at the address.

The media reports eight children were found deceased inside the house.

No formal charges have been laid as the perpetrator has not been identified yet. The injured person is assisting police with their investigation.

I haven’t completed any further research on the specifics of the crime yet but the area is a known troubled location. The rule of thumb for locals here is “never buy a home in a suburb starting with the letter M”. I did and can say that the only drama I’ve personally had is some petty vandalism on my personal property.

I’m sincerely hoping that the family didn’t have a history of issues but I can admit to a sense of foreboding on this one. Australia has exhibited a habit of returning violent criminals to the public arena as events in Sydney recently brought to our attention.

It definitely focuses your sympathies to see a family destroyed in this manner and Cairns isn’t so big a city.

1000 Dollar Day.

Tonight was the Monday session with the Barbell WOD. Trained Hang Snatch, Jerks and Back Squats.

Hang Snatch 4 x 2 @45kgs.

Jerks 4 X 1 @60kgs.

Back Squat, worked up to 108 kgs and then an AMRAP at 90% . I got seven reps out of that.

I also won a grand at work in the current campaign by Bechtel to encourage its employees to show up and perform safely in their tasking.

Ya gotta be lucky some times.