Back on Board.

Time to get back into logging what’s going on in my world again. A few changes have occurred since I last posted way back in May. For starters, I’ve got a new gig on the APLNG site at Curtis Island off of Gladstone, Qld. I’m employed by Bechtel on this one after a call up from recruiting a couple of months ago.

This project’s a big one with a workforce numbering in the thousands helping build this thing. The work roster isn’t awesome being four weeks on and one off but it is located near a regional city. We get Sundays off on this job, so you can escape the island and get into town.

I stay in the construction camp on the island which is similar to other camps you see in this line of work. The thing I like most about it is it’s physical training facilities. We have access to four gyms here and there is a semblance of a crossfit scene as well. I was more than pleased to see an oly platform on arrival and have been making good use of it.

As far as training goes, I have been recently following the Outlaw Way’s routine and combining that with metcon work focusing on the base WoDs.

Training back at my previous work location came to a halt for a good three to four months due to the lack of facilities and time constraints so progress has been stuffed. Things will change now I have access to workable options.